Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update on Kep Thmey

A lone man attempted to prevent trucks from entering the community by lying down on the road. He was arrested by police after they used electric batons on him. He was released a day later (Wed 11th November).

Apparently the man was drunk when he did this.

Such a tactic can be effective at preventing violence. Lying down is about as non-threatening as you can get. However, doing this alone, and drunk to boot, dramatically reduces the likelihood this tactic will work. In this case it did not work, and did not serve to raise the case in the public sphere.

What will be interesting is to find out what the reaction from the rest of the community is. Would they consider doing this on a larger, more coordinated scale? Did this action serve to engender discussion and futher thought from inside the community? Also, what did the man learn from his experience?

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