How Nonviolence Works

There is a wealth of resources on nonviolent change.

Here are a few key videos that help us understand how nonviolence is a force for positive and lasting change in our world.

Understanding the Dynamics of Nonviolence

Audio: Jack DuVall on Nonviolent Change. Click here
A great overview and primer of recent research in the field of nonviolent civil resistance, including the work of Maria Stephan and Erica Chenoweth, as well as Gene Sharp and others. DuVall lays out why nonviolence is effective, not pie in the sky wishful thinking.

Civil Resistance: from Gandhi to Present Time, Jorgen Johansen
Jorgen takes us on a journey of recent history, the types of change possible through nonviolence, and the various phases of nonviolent resistance that has helped shaped the world we live in.

Civil Resistance: A First Look
From the makers of Bringing Down A Dictator, this short video looks at how a revolution can be started using nonviolent techniques.

Nonviolence for a Change.

Nonviolence for a Change from Zoe Broughton on Vimeo.
Produced by Quaker program Turning the Tide, a variety of peace activists in the UK share their experience of engaging in nonviolent resistance to war and environmental destruction. Included is some useful discussions on the effects of violence on a nonviolent campaign, including the use of sabotage.