The Nonviolent Story blog emerged from my experiences of supporting local nonviolent activists in Cambodia. It has grown and taken different shapes over time. Initially I created a website with information on recent and ongoing cases of forced evictions (are there any other kind?) and land-grabbing.

Over time I realised the importance and effectiveness of story to inspire hope and build capacity.

As the name suggests, this blog is about story. Firstly, experiential stories of nonviolent activists - famous and not-so-famous. Secondly, about the larger story of nonviolence that continues to emerge, from the Hebrew Midwives of the Exodus story to today's headlines of Middle East revolutions and the many hidden stories of individuals and communities coming together to resist oppression and injustice everywhere.

Currently, I plan to spend more effort writing about the nonviolent Story as it applies to resistance to empire and it's triple faces of militarism, consumerism and exclusion.


In memory of a few very famous nonviolent "heroes". It's always dangerous to name heroes and saints because they suddenly become more-than-human and unattainable. These people are not. The last image, on the right, is from the recent revolution in Egypt. I don't know this woman's name, or her story. Perhaps I shouldn't, because the story belongs not to one person, but millions. A more apt photo, perhaps, than all the others.

I hope you find inspiration to act and resist oppression and injustice wherever you encounter it.

The Nonviolent Story